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Blog 5: Describe a live visual.

When I was 10 years old, me and my parents went Jeju Island for traveling. Our main target was Mt. Hanla. It’s famous mountain in Korea because it’s second highest mountain in Korea. So, I was little scared about that. I had never tracked like that. Not only that, it’s season was winter, mountain was fully covered by snow. The snow was very heavy that the polls on the side of road were covered. It’s height was about 50cm. But, it wasn’t hard that I aspected before traveled. Above all, Everything was white. Tree was white. The sky was white. The road was white. The rock was white. Everything that I could see was white. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There’s no boundary between things that I saw. It’s wonderful experience. I never forget it.

4. My Chuseok in Myanmar.

Our family, exactly my father, made a plan to go Myanmar in Chuseok. in Jan. We already booked airplanes ticket and hotel in there. So, our travel plan is well organized and very tight. We left Seoul in the day after the chuseok vacation was start. We visited wonderful river at first. KakaoTalk_20171030_234244046We rode boat for a day, but it’s sunshine was too powerful so my skin was hurted.

KakaoTalk_20171030_234301239Our hotel’s view was wonderful. I’d never seen like this before. Trees, river, architectures, everything is very perfect. KakaoTalk_20171030_234257391I want to go Myanmar again!!


3. my vacation time

In vacation, I played with my friend all time. About 6 years, in middle and high school, I couldn’t play because of study. So my first vacation made me mad at playing. I didn’t do anything that I didn’t want.

  1. Watching movie

I watched morning time movie in every Friday. In morning, the price is reasonable than other times. Also, there’s not much people in theater, so I watched movie very comfortable. KakaoTalk_20171030_234432665

2. Eat something

Me and my friend did part-time jobs for a week, and we decided to spend all of them to eating delicious. We went Hong-Ik Univ. , and find very fascinated taco restraunt. KakaoTalk_20171030_234427893


Self introduction again.


My name is Hans and my Korean name is WooSangyoon. I’m 20 years old, and my birthday is Oct, 19th. I live in Ilsan, in Gyunggido, with my parents, older sister, and my dog. My dog is wired fox terrier. She is so cute. I always with her in home.

My hobby is billiard. I always go billiard club with friends. I started billiard in March, so I’m not really good but I like it! Unfortunately, there are no billiard club near by school.

My major is chemisty and bioscience. I like bio science more than chemisty. But I’ll study hard both of them because those two part of science is very relative, so it’s valuable to study them.

My SummerVactiom Plan!

At first, I’m Sooooo happy that summer vacation is soom.I have to wake up early (about 6AM), but in vacation, I don’t have to! It’s perfect! And I planned a lot of schedule in vacation. So I’ll introduce it.

1.Summer trip with friends!

I spent lots of time with friends that I met in highschool, especially in 2nd year. We meet at least twice a week. Our members are 7, and we planned to go Gapyeong. We already rent a small resort! I can’t wait to go trip with my friends!!

2. Wathching Baseball!

 I’m a big fan of SK Wyverns, pro team of Korean baseball league. So, me and my friend often go Incheon to watch games.In summer, we have more free time…..so, we can watch the game more than semester!

3. My part-time job?

 In fact,I did part-time job just one time before…. I did hotel’s kitchen support. I washed ALL dishes in restraunt for 9 hours. After my work finished,( in 11PM) I couldn’t move my arms because of pain. But they paid only 7500 won per hour. It’s so dissapointed to me, so I don’t want to do it again. But, if I need some money,(Because of trips..?) I should do it again, sadly.

4. My study plan..

 This semester is almost end, and I find my weak point of my courses.I’m not good at Chemistry,especially calculating part. So I’ll improve my calculating skills during the summer vacation!

Self Introduction

My name is Hans. And my Korean name is Woo Sang yoon. I live in Ilsan, located at the west of Seoul. KakaoTalk_20170312_145059607It takes about 1 and half hours for public transportation. So I have to wake up early to take 9AM English class. After I finish all the assignment, I go to walk with my dog. My dog’s name is Dalli. She is Fox Terrier. She is very very active, so I’m exhausted after we finishing walk. But she is really cute. My major is Chemistry and Bioscience. In high school, I’m good at bioscience, so I choose this major. Actually, I’m not good at math. Chemistry and math have correlation, so it will be hard to study for me.

KakaoTalk_20170312_145151140After I finish all course of high school, I have long winter vacation(about 3month). So I started new sports, artificial rock climbing. Fortunately, their is big sports center near my home to do that. I practiced all of my vacation. It’s really fun.

Self introduction

 My name is Hans. I’m freshman in Sahmyook University this year. I live in Ilsan. It takes about 1 and half of hours to school, so I have to wake up early for class. Dormitory is one of the solutions to resolve this problem but i think i can’t adjust for it’s meal. I choose chemistry and bioscience for my major because I want to study deeply about bioscience more than high school level. 3times a week, I go artificial climbing center. I started it after Suneung. I did’t do any sports for 3years, so at first it was really hard. But now, I can’t wait time to do that.